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I actually read every word of your reply 2x so I can fully understand what the argument is you are making. You presented the theory of Vilenkin which basically says the universe has a beginning, it is not just infinitely old, this is something we agree on. Then you built your next piece off of that known fact. You proceeded to give an all-powerful, eternal and loving creator credit for that beginning, and for shaping the universe for us. I can clearly see you have spent a lot of time pondering on this, and I respect that, a lot. I appreciate the fact that you don't just read it in the bible and accept it without thinking about it any further. And I Actually do understand your argument and I understand how it makes sense to you. But your understanding is not supported by anything at all, you cant use the bible to prove the bible and all the other parts of your explanation are just assumptions. You say the effect is the existence of the universe but you give all credit for the Cause to a god without any reason to do so. Just because The big bang has lots of holes and is still being figured out does not mean God did it . Your argument seems like a conversation I would have with my friends back in my younger days when we were smoking Pot one night when you are up talking about and figuring out the universe, god and how it all fits in. there are many many questions science is still trying to figure out, but just because science does not yet understand it does not mean god did it . You did not provide anything that supports your claim.

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Forever young adult daycare new jersey
Forever young adult daycare new jersey
Forever young adult daycare new jersey

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Kazirr 11 months ago
Orderlies fear catching your rabies, fruit loop.
Moktilar 11 months ago
"The malfunction is caused by the division."
Maukinos 11 months ago
I think he's full up with Seamus.
Gajin 11 months ago
The right has no way to know about fraudulent???
Faetaur 11 months ago
When did Obama Try it??
Balabar 10 months ago
Time for one of those delicious MHs --CJ ?????
Fenrigami 10 months ago
Cyndi, you're proving my point.
Samubei 10 months ago
She's a treat for sure.
Gole 9 months ago
Heck, why control your own feelings? That's authoritarian.
Shakashakar 9 months ago
My feelings on this subject:
Vikasa 9 months ago
And this is my good arm
Voodookora 9 months ago
"illegal aliens" are people. they are not pumped.
Forever young adult daycare new jersey

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