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Another Trump swamp dweller. Ross was involved in money laundering with his ties to politically connected Russian oligarchs when he was vice-chairman of the Bank of Cyprus. Just another possible connection with the collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

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Daughte suck da by pool
Daughte suck da by pool

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Faetilar 8 months ago
And gets me into a lot of trouble! ????
Sharisar 8 months ago
Do you live close to your mother?
Shakagal 7 months ago
Here's what I mean:
Bazil 7 months ago
Where'd you come from baby?
Goltigrel 7 months ago
It's sad that you cannot think.
Gozuru 7 months ago
How can we possibly know everything?
Nakasa 7 months ago
This is clearly a terrorist organization.
Akimi 7 months ago
China already has substantial tariffs on American automobiles.
Shakasho 6 months ago
Yes, even a fool can figure it out.
Daitilar 6 months ago
Ally of Hitler...first Ally, actually.
Votaxe 6 months ago
What? Aliens are comming? /s
Nikozil 6 months ago
that's more than 3 adjectives.
Gazil 6 months ago
'Democrat shitholes' is redundant.
Gardall 5 months ago
IKR? ???????????>??????>??????>? Who knew?
Dilabar 5 months ago
It's pretty humid hear in Florida too.
Torg 5 months ago
I want you to meet my sistah...Goddess of Fire...
Shara 5 months ago
Wow thats a lotta words, for saying literally nothing.
Daim 5 months ago
But this is saying that they can't adopt.
Mejar 5 months ago
Ooooooh today is starting off GOOD!??
Kajisar 4 months ago
Aman, Only God is good.
Dailabar 4 months ago
What?You Aries tooo NO XD
Mausho 4 months ago
nope. You have to use all of the letters.
Kisho 4 months ago
Bahahahaha!!! GOP landslide straight down the toilet.
Meziran 4 months ago
I was Orthodox, so close. Episcopalian now.
Dujinn 3 months ago
Makes you wonder doesn?t it...
Zulkimi 3 months ago
Losing all that is special to me!
Kagar 3 months ago
"its "power" is fleeting to near nothing"

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